sábado, 12 de mayo de 2012

Assignment 2

Patri: It is said that the use of new technologies stimulate children for learning lots of school skills like the learning of a second language. But why? How? And when?

Me: It is difficult to learn a new language, especially if you are an adult. The best time to learn a language is when we are children. For that reason we have to take advantage of that age.

Patri: There are lots of advantages and disadvantages to traditional teaching. Among others, most of them are the following ones.

Me: On the one hand, learning a new language can bring us problems. For example, when I enrolled to learn German I left it in the first year. The reason for this was that every time I tried to speak English I used words of German. Finally I decided to stop learning German and focus on English.

Me: On the other hand, learning a new language makes you more competent. You don’t need a translator or a dictionary. In addition, speaking a new language implies understanding a lot of words of some languages of the same family. For example if you learn Spanish you can understand a lot of words of French, Catalan, Italian…

Me: Nowadays, new technologies can help us to learn more.

Patri: Firstly, teachers can help their students in a more individualized way with the use of websites, blogs and many other internet tools that stimulate learning. Fact that couldn't be carried out with the traditional system because of the huge number of children that a teacher had in class.

Patri: Moreover, the use of new technologies develops students autonomy and encourages children to learn a second language too. This happens because lots of websites appear in English and children must learn English in order to understand the information. Besides, the students have to compare lots of sources of information.

Me: In conclusion, is obvious that it is important to learn a new language. It is also obvious that all these have many benefits. But in my opinion, as we have said before, we have to take advantage of the first ages to learn a lot of languages, at least three or four.

Patri: Therefore, I think that new technologies are a great tool to develop students learning because internet has more information than books and then children can look at different sites to find what they are searching for. But, on the other hand, students mustn't forget that books contain a great treasure too.


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