martes, 27 de marzo de 2012

Conversation between me and Patricia

Zineb: Hello, I'm Zineb, and you?
Patri:   My name is Patricia Pinar Roig and I'm 21 years old.
Zineb: What did you do in your life?
Patri: I finished secondary school and I've also done a vocational training course in sports.
Zineb: It’s nice to see how your life progress as little by little. In my case, whatever happens, I love it more and more.
Patri:  But you aren't from here, isn't it?
Zineb: No, I'm from Morocco. In 1999 I came here, to Ibiza. I was seven years old. I am used to adopting everywhere I go. However I remember that all seemed so strange.
            Now, in 2012 I remember how I did well at primary school and high school. I hope that this year will be the same. I’m talking about what I’m studying now: Infant Education. What about you?
Patri: Sport, music and animals, are my greatest passions. In fact, I have a dog and I take care of him as if he was my younger brother. I think this is so because I'm the younger of two sisters and I have always wanted to have a younger brother to take care of him and to teach him. Maybe this fact has made me study Education at University. Now, some subjects have made me realize that with new tecnologies children can be the players of their own learning.
Zineb: Yes! But, in fact, is very different from what I expected. But it doesn’t matter because if you like something and you make an effort to get it, you get it. Well... How do you see yourself in the future?
Patri: I really want to become a great teacher and as a future one, I want to adopt new methodologies and introduce new tecnologies to learn in a different way. And you? What do you expect?
Zineb: In the future I want to have a job where I had all my primary education: in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. But that is something for the future. Now I have to work hard to become what I want to be, a good teacher.
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